About PC Safety Link

PC Safety Link is an IT solutions company providing the implementations of the latest software ideas both to home users and corporate clients.

Our staff currently numbers over 100 passionate geeks who are dead sure that everybody has the right to get the best of today's technologies – without having to rack their brains over security issues. What we offer you is a bunch of innovative, reliable, user-friendly, easy and diverse, simple and multifunctional solutions.

Our solutions's mission is to help you to:
- always keep your PC safe and sound, guarding it from multiple external threats, hacking attacks and malware;
- utilize the latest and most comprehensive virus databases updated regularly;
- keep your files and folders, shortcuts and programs thoroughly arranged without spending loads of time;
- optimize your OS and software performance for better productivity based on your PC features;
- enhance OS functionality and customize it to meet your requirements and priorities.

PC Safety Link is always on the alert for new methods of PC protection.